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International conferences


To promote regulatory cooperation among administrative authorities and among cosmetics industry associations and support development of international standards by utilizing international conference bodies (ICCR, IAC, ISO, etc.)

International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR)

Basic information

A conference body for regulatory cooperation consisting of cosmetics regulatory authorities from Japan, the United States, the European Union, and other countries. (started in 2007). The objective is to maintain a high level of global consumer protection while minimizing barriers to international trade. The meetings are joined by the cosmetics industry associations from each country ( JCIA from Japan) to state opinions and contribute significantly to the organization of the conferences and the preparation of reports (which summarize the common understanding of technical issues in cosmetics regulations in each member country and region).
ICCR reports are published on the ICCR website.

International Association Collaboration (IAC) in cosmetics

Basic information

The organization was established with an aim to “actively address global issues common to the industry and foster strong industrial cooperation” and to “increase consumer/stakeholder confidence in cosmetics and enhance the industry’s ability to deliver innovative products.” As of 2022, cosmetics industry associations from 39 countries and regions are participating. As a key member of the IAC, JCIA also takes advantage of the IAC to actively exchange opinions and share information.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

Basic information

ISO is an international standardization organization that develops international standardization in all fields other than electrical/electronic engineering and telecommunications. ISO composes of standardization organizations representing each country (the Japan Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) from Japan). ISO has specialized groups (technical committees: TCs) for each sector. For TC 217, which deals with cosmetics-related standards, JCIA is serving as the deliberative body of Japan. Experts from JCIA participate in the Working Group (WG) established in TC 217 to actively raise issues based on technical and scientific knowledge and from the perspective of securing interests of Japan, while contributing greatly to improvement of document writing and efficient development of the work. Detail information is available on the ISO website, and standards issued by ISO can be purchased from the website of the Japanese Standards Association.