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Message from the President

The Japan Cosmetic Industry Association (JCIA) has been relaunched by restructuring the former association which comprised the Tokyo Cosmetic Industry Association, the Chubu Cosmetic Industry Association, and the West-Japan cosmetic industry associations.

At present, the cosmetics industry in Japan is facing a range of issues. The recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is an urgent issue, but in the long term, the industry must also boost its competitiveness on the international market, uncover latent demand in the Japanese market, and promote sustainability initiatives without delay. For the Japanese cosmetics industry as a whole to address these issues, the new JCIA was established by restructuring the industry associations to strengthen systems across Japan.

As well as maintaining the health and beauty of the skin, cosmetics enrich day-to-day life, creating hope and vitality. JCIA will contribute to personal well-being and a sustainable society by continuing to develop the activities long carried out by the former Japan Cosmetic Industry Association and Cosmetic Industry Associations of Tokyo, Chubu and West-Japan.

The Japanese cosmetics industry harbors great potential. To connect this potential to growth, we must revitalize the domestic market and, at the same time, enhance our presence on the international market. Through cosmetics originating in Japan, we will communicate the fabulous “Japan Beauty” concept with its blend of advanced technologies and unique cultural aesthetics to customers in Japan and around the world.

Quality and safety are the key elements of cosmetics. The quality and safety of Japanese cosmetics, which are backed by reliable technologies, are highly appreciated around the world. In the future, we aim to increase trust in the cosmetics industry by developing the appeal of cosmetics while continuing to pursue even higher quality and safety. We will also contribute to finding solutions to sustainability issues.

For the cosmetics industry as a whole to enjoy healthy growth and development, the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association is promoting a range of activities to sincerely address the opinions and requests of its entire membership.

UOTANI Masahiko , President
Japan Cosmetic Industry Association
April 2023