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Initiatives for Sustainability

Cosmetics industry and sustainability
- The cosmetics industry contributing to a spiritually enriched life –

Cosmetics protect the skin from the environment, maintain a healthy skin condition, and enhances the beauty and attractiveness of people. Use of cosmetics is an act of self-care, as well as act of boosting self-esteem and encouraging active participation in society. In addition to mere material affluence, cosmetics support people to live a healthy, beautiful, comfortable, and spiritually enriched life in society; cosmetics contribute to high QOL of people.

The cosmetics industry has become a place where common values and wider perspectives are shared globally and where many people play an active role regardless of gender. It is natural, therefore, that the industry is required to be able to accept diverse values.

JCIA’s Sustainability Activities

Japan Cosmetic Industry Association (JCIA) has been taking various measures to realize a sustainable society in which consumers around the world can enjoy makeups and lead a spiritually rich and peaceful life.

In recent years, the world has been confronting many social issues such as environmental degradation including climate change, infectious diseases, and conflict. In addition, the importance of respect for diversity and human rights has increased and we are being called upon to do more to realize a better, sustainable society. As a member of society, JCIA is strongly aware that we must further strengthen our effort to resolve such issues.

Sustainability involves many and various issues. JCIA conducted a materiality assessment in FY2022, to identify the issues that the contribution of cosmetic industry is especially expected, and to promote initiatives focused on those issues.

Materiality Assessment

materiality assessment

Recognizing that efforts toward the realization of a sustainable society are essential for improvement of the credibility of the cosmetics industry, the long-term development of the industry, and contribution to the happiness of people and society through cosmetics products, the JCIA and its member companies work on voluntary activities following the direction shown in the Sustainability Guidelines