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History, Organization and Activities


Established on July 24, 1959, the former Japan Cosmetic Industry Association comprised three regional bodies, the Tokyo, Chubu, and West-Japan cosmetic industry associations. On April 1, 2023, the Association was reorganized as a new consolidated body to facilitate direct participation by the membership of the three regional bodies.

  • February 1950
    Tokyo Cosmetic Industry Association is established.
  • June 1950
    Kinki Cosmetic Industry Association (subsequently renamed West-Japan Cosmetic Industry Association) is established.
  • July 1959
    Japan Cosmetic Industry Association is established.
  • March 1995
    Chubu Cosmetic Industry Association is established.
  • April 2023
    Japan Cosmetic Industry Association is restructured.


  • 01.To understand changing markets and lifestyles, to maintain exchanges with cosmetic industry associations in all areas overseas, to understand overseas regulatory trends, and to exert influence while contributing to finding solutions to global environmental and sustainability issues in order to further enhance the global competitiveness of the Japanese cosmetics industry and to improve the quality and reliability of cosmetics.
  • 02.To contribute to the healthy growth and development of the industry as a whole by sincerely addressing the opinions and requests of all members while endeavoring to provide fair access to relevant training and educational opportunities for all corporate manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics.

(Article 3 of the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association Regulations)


The Association shall be engage in the activities set out below in order to achieve the objectives of the establishment. (Article 4 of the Statutes of the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association)

  • 01.The conduct of research and study, measurement and implementation of the issues related to production, distribution, consumption, technology, labor, environment and safety in cosmetics.
  • 02.Gather the information and disclosure to members.
  • 03.Promote activities and communication to consumers.
  • 04.Implementation of workshop and seminar.
  • 05.The establishment of self – regulatory guidelines in cosmetics.
  • 06.Commitment to the activity of Standardization Body in domestic and abroad.
  • 07.Exchange of information between foreign cosmetic industry association.
  • 08.The conduct any other lawful activity necessary for achieving the Association’s objectives.




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Tokyo Office 6F METRO CITY KAMIYACHO 5-1-5, Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0001
Nagoya Office 2F ACA Bldg., 3-7-25, Marunouchi, Nakaku, Nagoya city,
Aichi 460-0002
Osaka Office 2-1-13, Uchihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city,
Osaka  540-0026