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Japan Cosmetic Industry Association Vision 2030

(Established on July 18, 2023)

1 The mission of Japan Cosmetic Industry Association

Cosmetics keep our bodies beautiful and healthy, while also accompanying our lifestyles by creating hope and vitality. We are committed to maximize the power of cosmetics, to promote “Japan Beauty” which is based on advanced Japanese technology and culture to the world, and to further develop the Japanese cosmetics industry into one that contributes to people's well-being and sustainability.

2 Our direction and priorities

Strengthening global competitiveness and contributing to sustainability challenges

  • 01. Become a cosmetics industry with a global presence
    We will support companies that take on challenges to create innovations and develop the industry to expand the potential of Japanese cosmetics worldwide.

  • 02. Contribute to realize a sustainable society
    We will proactively work to resolve sustainability issues such as environmental problems and respect for human rights.

Contributing to enhanced consumer trust and sound growth/development of the entire industry

  • 03. Realize a reliable cosmetics industry
    We will provide cosmetics and services that consumers feel confident in using by appropriately and proactively communicating cosmetics information to the consumers.

  • 04. Support the healthy development of the Japanese cosmetics industry
    We will enhance our activities to raise the level of the whole Japanese cosmetics industry and realize a solid foundation for collaboration among greater number of cosmetics companies.