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Cosmetic Shipment

September 5, 2022

【Note】Cosmetic shipment in Production Statistics by METI was corrected retroactively in 2014 due to misreporting from some business sites. For this reason, the relevant parts of this statistics have been revised retroactively to 2014.

1. Cosmetic Shipment

According to Production Statistics by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), cosmetic shipments in Japan amounted 1 trilion 353 billion yen in 2021, indicated 8.5% decrease compared to the previous year.(Fig.1)

Figure 1:Cosmetic Shipment in Value
Fig. 1 Cosmetic Shipment in Value

Cosmetic shipment per unit (average shipping unit price per 1kg) had continuously decreased in deflationary trend since 1990s. Although it is on the upward trend from 2010s, it turned to decline in 2020. (Fig 2.)

Figure 2:Average Shipping Unit Price per 1kg
Fig. 2 Average Shipping Unit Price per 1 kg
Figure 3:Shipment per category in 2021
Fig. 3 Shipment per Category

Among an itemized breakdown of cosmetics (in value) in 2021, skincare cosmetics accounted for 51.0%, hair care for 27.0%, make-up cosmetics for 16.1%, specific use for 5.6% and perfume /eau de cologne for 0.3%. (Fig.3)

The trends of the principal items over five-year periods from 1995 to 2015 and yearly from 2016 to 2021, shipments of lotions and essences have increased, whereas Cosmetic Shipment after 2020 has decreased in most items. (Fig.4)

Figure 4: Trends of major categories from 1995 to 2021
Fig. 4 Trends of Major Categories