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Conserving the Global Environment

The Standards for Cosmetics (Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification) stipulates that cosmetics products shall not contain the Class I Specified Chemical Substances stipulated in the Law Concerning the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc.1, the Class II Specified Chemical Substances stipulated in the same law2, and substances that have a property similar to these substances. The cosmetics industry has been strictly complying with the regulations. Some of the Class I and Class II substances are designated not because of risks for human health, but because of concerns about the impact on animals and plants in the environment.

Consumers, especially young people have been increasing their awareness in sustainability and SDGs. We work for creation of a sustainable society using the perspectives of consumers, communities, and the global environment in addition to the perspective of business operators.

*1  Class I Specified Chemical Substances are chemical substances that are persistent and highly accumulating and have long-term toxicity or have chronic toxicity to higher-order predators.

*2  Class II Specified Chemical Substances are substances that are specified by Cabinet Order, and are thought to pose a risk of causing damage to humans or damage to flora and fauna in the human living environment due to the fact that the substance has a risk of long-term toxicity for humans or flora and fauna in the human living environment, and a considerable amount of the substance remaining in the environment over a substantially extensive area or it is reasonably likely that such a situation will arise in the near future.