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Appropriate advertising

The PMD Act prohibits false or exaggerated expressions in advertisements. This is to help customers to make decisions based on correct information when selecting products to purchase.

Summary of advertising regulations for cosmetics, etc.

In order to prevent health hazards caused by pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, advertisements are regulated by the PMD Act and the Standards for Appropriate Advertising of Pharmaceuticals, etc. so that the false or exaggerated advertisements cannot be published.
Those who would like to advertise cosmetics, etc., should refer to the following notice to ensure that the advertisement of cosmetics, etc. is appropriate.

Guidelines for Appropriate Advertisement of Cosmetics, etc.

JCIA established the Advertising Committee in 1979 and has been carrying out activities aimed at gaining the correct understanding and trust of customers regarding cosmetics by promoting appropriate expressions in advertisement by business operators. The Guidelines for Appropriate Advertisement of Cosmetics, etc. is a voluntary guide created by JCIA in an activity of the Committee to clearly describe regulations and matters to be complied with as advertising expressions.

Cosmetics Advertising Review Council

In 1982 JCIA established the Cosmetics Advertising Deliberation Council, an independent organization consisting of external academic experts. Since then, the Council has been conducting voluntary deliberations of cosmetics advertisements for more than 40 years. When an inappropriate advertisement is found, the Council requests the advertiser for improvement. Through these activities, JCIA is actively engaged in promotion of appropriate and better cosmetics advertisements to further increase the consumer trust.